What counts as conversion to Islam:

By Hector Aleem (Pastor of the Anglican Church)

Author: p. Arne Marco Kirsebom, Norway

Part 5: Summary and Conclusions

Author. K.R. Harriman

Adoration of the Magi. Detail from the mosaic decoration of the triumphal arch, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, ca. 435.

Part 4: What the Church Fathers Actually Say

Author: K. R. Harriman

The Three Magi. Ethiopian Art.

Part 3: The Apologetic False Trail

Author: K. R. Harriman

Sacrifice of Aaron. Mosaic from Dura-Europos Synagogue. 3rd c. AD.

Part 2: The Sol Invictus Factoids

Author: K. R. Harriman

Greek Silver Kylix Depicting Helios and a Chariot. Found in Panticapaeum, first half of the 3rd century BC (H`ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg)

Birth of Jesus. Marble relief, Naxos, late fourth or early fifth century. Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (BXM 000312). Image in the Public Domain.

Part 1: Scope, Stakes, and Saturnalia

Author: K. R. Harriman

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